Dreamchip Electronics - Electronic System Design and Manufacturing Ecosystem

Indian ESDM [Electronic System Design & Manufacturing] A National Imperative

  • A Huge Domestic Market needs Domestic Industry

  • A $300 Billion/Year Opportunity to Create Many Jobs

  • A Successful Industry Requires SoCs to be

    • Designed in India

    • Manufactured in India

Did India Miss The Bus?

  • SoC Design is Complex and Competitive

    • SDA (System Design Automation) offers an Inflection Point and a Window of Opportunity for New Players

  • SoC Manufacturing is Capital Intensive and Competitive

    • State of the art - 10nm

    • Most SoCs use 28nm or 45nm

A Way Forward

  • Design New Products Optimized for Indian Market Needs using SDA

  • Example: A book reader tablet optimized for students from 2nd-4th grades retailing at Rs. 1800 bundled with e-books, direct DC charge from Solar

  • Create processor and SoC architectures for such designs (Dreamchip Siddhi) using SDA

Next Steps

  • Create a Fab + Fabless Partner Program

  • Development of Few Select Device Optimized SoCs (Dreamchip Siddhi Vani Sandesh)

  • Establish an EMC for Select Devices

  • Enable Market Driven “SDA => Design => Fabricate => Manufacture” ecosystem

  • Create Employment, Build a Knowledge Driven Society and Spread Prosperity