Dreamchip Electronics - Siddhi Digital School Bag

Siddhi Digital School Bag

Dreamchip Electronics Private Limited in partnership with our System Design Automation partner Sankhya Technologies Private Limited is developing the product.

Siddhi SoC platform

Every Smart Information Device (SID) primarily depends on a computer chip for its functionality.This chip is often called a System-On-Chip or SoC.
Siddhi Digital School Bag is powered by Dreamchip Siddhi SoC powered by Dreamchip Synthetic Processor technology.
Siddhi Lite is an implementation of Siddhi SoC using field programmable gate array technology(FPGA). Siddhi T40 is a planned version of Siddhi using 40nm semiconductor technology.
Dreamchip Electronics is attempting to create a high value product that brings the benefit of technology to those that need it the most. Success of this initiative depends on support from like minded organizations. You can help by adding to the momentum - a) by placing a pre-purchase order or b) by signing a non-binding LoI to purchase the product once it is ready or c) By making a small research grant.

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