About Us

Dreamchip Electronics Private Limited is a fabless semiconductor company founded in the year 2012 that offers application optimized synthetic processor and soc solutions for demanding markets such as mobile consumer, home computing, networking storage and high performance computing markets.

The evolution of computing has been dominated by hard packaged microprocessor chips during the 1980's, followed by soft and hard cores that could be combined into system on chip designs (SoCs). Today globalization and fast moving market requirements need an agile solution that effectively allows organizations to emerge with the market and drive the changing markets.

Dreamchip leverages several cutting edge agile system development methodologies (ASDM) to create highly competitive synthetic processor and SoC designs.

2012: Fabless Semiconductor Startup, offers Application Optimized Synthetic Processor and SoC Solutions (System-on-Chip) for Consumer, Mobile and High Performance.

2013: Announced plans for standard SoCs for Tablets (Siddhi Vani Sandesh)