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Introducing Siddhi TM Digital Education Platform

More than 300 Million Children in India and double that number around the world take a heavy backpack full of text books and note books to school each year. Millions of others have no access to reference books in their mother tongue, with no access to foundational or transactional knowledge - life becomes a continuous struggle. That is about to change forever !

Presenting Dreamchip Siddhi Digital School Bag -- A Smart Information Device for Your Child

For students from 2nd-10th grade

Bundled with E-Text Books

Support for Indian Languages

Physical space for notebooks and a pencil box

7" LCD Screen

Configurable Storage

LED Lamp

Solar Module for Direct DC Charging

Indian Language Support

Dreamchip has created a base specification for a 16-bit information coding standard for Indian Languages named Sanskriti. Adding Sanskriti font support for a particular Indian language is available as part of Platinum Support.

Product Availability

Siddhi DSB is available now for large educational institutions and schools that wish to create customized digital devices for their students. For more information about availability please contact: info@dreamchip.in

You may pre-order now or sponsor a child

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For more information please contact: info@dreamchip.in

The Smart Technology for your Smart Information Device!

The Dreamchip TM Siddhi SoC platform

Every Smart Information Device (SID) primarily depends on a computer chip for its functionality.

This chip is often called a System-On-Chip or SoC.

Siddhi Digital School Bag is powered by Dreamchip Siddhi SoC Lite.

Siddhi Lite is an implementation of Siddhi SoC using field programmble gate array technology(FPGA).

Dreamchip Siddhi Lite - Availability ?

. Dreamchip Siddhi SoC Lite (32-Bit Application Processor, DRAM, NoC, Micro Graphics Controller, VGA Controller, Debug Option) is available now as a platform for device development on an annual subscription model. Contact: info@dreamchip.in

Dreamchip announces signing a Letter of Intent for 10,000 Siddhi Digital School Bags

Visakhapatnam, November 19, 2014. Dreamchip Electronics Private Limited, an Indian fabless semiconductor chip and electronic device start-up with focus on developing local market driven products using application driven design methodologies is pleased to receive a letter of intent for 10,000 Siddhi Digital School Bags.